Why is it important to make websites easier to use?

Web usability improvement is important in order to help users to find the information they are looking for and/or help them buy quickly from your website.

A properly working website is easy to use, intuitive and fast.

About me.

My name is Josè Compagnone, I study user browsing habits and how to make websites simpler. I have written a web usability manual, rich in images and concrete cases and I have devised a very easy, engrossing and fun method.

Email me: support@usabilitycards.com

Why are there difficult websites?

Very often users are not able to use a website properly and this is not dependent on the user’s ability but on planning mistakes. When a website has not been planned properly it leads to loss in profit and visibility. Use my method to simply and effectively discover what can be improved.

Usability Cards Method.

Usability Cards method helps evaluating usability of Web user interfaces, simple or complex. They can be used within single or multiple sessions, offering solutions and practical advices to fix common mistakes. At the same time they stimulate a strategic approach while engaging the users in a playful manner. The method uses 57 Cards, each representing a critical aspect of a website, potential cause of usability problems, including 5 Category Cards